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Got Gal, Issue #009

September 18, 2017 in Got Gal

got gal cover
Issue #009 – – – – – controlled by Keith Nixon – – – – – Credits 101

Sitting alone beneath the bridge, Got Gal tried to fight off her dark mood.  It was no use denying this was a shitty situation.

First she wakes up with no memories of anything much.  Then flying cops try and arrest her for nothing and she ends up accidentally killing one of them.  Maybe.  Then she tries to deal with a villain only to walk straight into a trap by these Institute people.  They wanted to mind control her and take her to a lab to mess around with her brain, or something.  If that wasn’t bad enough, she’d helped a major villain escape and now she was probably being hunted by one of the most powerful and dangerous heroes in the world.

Hard to put a happy gloss on any of that, really.

“I could do with a drink,” she said, to nobody in particular.

After a short and careful flight back to Looking Glass’ house, she switched into her civvies and told the worried old man that she’d be back soon.  He was still telling her she shouldn’t be out and about as she walked off down the street.

It didn’t take long to find a Bar called Donovan’s, a run down joint that was trying to be a sports bar and failing.  In between the worry warting, Looking Glass had loaned her some money, so at least she could buy some drinks.

“Vodka,” she said to the barman, tapping on the counter and flashing a weary smile.  The man grunted and fetched her a shot.  “Long glass, double it, splash of coke,” Got Gal clarified.  With the drink in hand she made her way to the table and took a seat, nursing the glass as she considered her situation.

In the past, bars like this had proven to be good sources of information.  Or she thought they had, but with her memory so murky it was hard to tell where this information was coming from.  She couldn’t remember any bars she had visited before, though she was certain there had been some.  It was so frustrating.

“Hello,” came a voice behind her.  She turned in her chair and saw a young man standing there.  He had short dark hair, a wide smile and a tattoo winding its way up his neck.  Some kind of serpent.  “Hello yourself,” she smiled.
“I haven’t seen you around here before,” he noted.  “I’m sure I’d remember.”
“First timer,” Got-Gal acknowledged.  “I was in the neighborhood, I needed a drink and this seemed as good a place as any.”
“Better than many,” the young man agreed.  “I’m Tom.  Tom Finn.”
“Hello Tom.  I’m Constance.”
“Are you looking for some company?” Tom asked, indicating the other chair.
“You can never have too many friends,” Got-Gal agreed, gesturing for him to sit.

Got-Gal was trying to get a read on this man.  It was a bar, so there was a good chance he was going to hit on her.  That was fine, she was perfectly able to deal with situations like that.  Looking the way she looked, it wasn’t uncommon to attract that sort of attention.  But there was something about the boy that made her think there was more to him than that.

“Unusual tattoo,” Got-Gal pointed out.
“It’s a Python,” Tom said.  “Got it a few years ago from the Chinese place on Fourth.  It’s magical.”
Got-Gal did a double-take.  “It’s what?”
“Magical,” Tom grinned.  “It has a mystical Chinese enchantment, that gives me a special power.”
“Yep.  It helps me find and speak to the most beautiful girl in any bar room.”
Got-Gal laughed.  “You got that right.”

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