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Secret Origins – Oakheart

May 17, 2013 in Secret Origins Tags:

oakheart cover


Nobody knows where Oakheart came from, or how Oakheart came to be.  Oakheart is just Oakheart.

Despite his horrific, unnatural appearance, Oakheart seems to have a knack for taking care of trees, bushes, and such.  So, the Helix City Park District has hired him to tend to those parts of the City Parks which are more heavily wooded, where citizens are less likely to venture.  On more than one occasion he has surprised common thugs who thought to escape by hiding in such areas and brought them to justice.

Type Of Hero: Brick

Base Of Operations: Helix City – Downtown

Secret Identity: Not Applicable

Looks exactly like a small oak tree, with a woody trunk as a torso, roots as legs, and branches as arms.

Health 1, Heightened Senses: Sixth Sense, Strength 1 (Stat: 31), Giant Size: Huge

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