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Secret Origins – Captain Pink

May 29, 2013 in Secret Origins Tags:

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Captain Pink

That was then: Captain Pink once described himself as a force for good and advocate of quiche. His colourful costume may not strike fear into the heart of villains, but his stylish poise, chiselled abs and square jaw do inspire a certain admiration in them. His faithful sidekick Poptastic Boy, ‘the Toy Boy Wonder’, is never far from his side in the battle against evil and poor taste in curtains.  Together in the iconic pink cadillac known as the Pinkmobile the pair have faced the darkest criminals and painted them pastel.

This is now:  Oh how quickly the paint can peel.  What seemed so solid, so true, so faithful can turn on its heel in a capricious moment and plunge the most innocent hearts into black despair.

Type Of Hero: Abnormal

Base Of Operations: Helix City –  The Yard

Secret Identity: Wayne Bruce

Description: Pink Bodysuit. Fluffy Pink Boots. Pink Cape. Half-Face Pink Mask. Pinkmobile” Pink Cadillac.

Powers: Flight: Advanced, Sidekick : Poptastic Boy, Energy Attack Vibration: 3, Energy Pool: Basic

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