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Secret Origins – Iron Maiden

May 29, 2013 in Iron Maiden, Secret Origins Tags:

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Iron Maiden

Good-humoured and likeable, this powerhouse is fun to have on the team and deadly to have as an enemy.  What she lacks in subtlety she more than makes up for in raw power.

There’s nothing very complicated about what Iron Maiden does, she breaks things.  But she does it very well indeed and for the right side.  A fact which law enforcement nationwide are very, very glad about.

Type Of Hero: Brick

Base Of Operations: Helix City – The Suburbs

Secret Identity: Mandy Bell

Description: A tall, curvy, athletic woman composed entirely of living metal.

Powers: Strength: 3, Tough Skin: 2, Health: 1

Iron Maiden-Mandy Bell was a student at the local university. A physics student, she was pretty in that quiet, gaze at the world from behind glasses sort of way. She was lost in her inner world of forces, vibrational strings and so on. She wasn’t that great with people and this bothered her somewhat. She long desired to break out of her shell. A protege’ of the professor who would become Dr. Warp, she was recognized for the brilliance within her, and he sought to coax and direct it. He was coming up with a theory to breach the other spacial dimensions of our universe and had come up with a material he thought could exist. It was a metal that could act as living flesh, yet had the protective qualities of titanium. Mandy was the Head Teacher’s assistant in developing that metal.

Then the day came. They were testing a probe to minutely penetrate the dimensional membrane, Mandy encased in a capsule of the experimental metal. The penetration broke it’s containment and energy tendrils lanced out…

Mandy woke up to find her body had fundamentally changed. When she was struck by the tendril, she had been wishing, at that moment, she was a fundamentally different person. Taller, stronger, more voluptuous, more assertive… and now, she is, a steel encased Vargas girl. But a chrome-skinned woman is a startling sight. Life was going to be very different from here on out.


2 Responses to “Secret Origins – Iron Maiden”

  1. Frank Says:

    A student at the local university….she may have come across Professor Nelson then. He lectures at the “local uni”.

    Editor’s Response:
    He doesn’t lecture at the Local uni anymore. All will become clear. : )

  2. Junius Stone Says:

    Dr. Warp, Beast Nelson, references to the previous incarnations of Abnormals (here’s hoping our big story we were involved with will conclude and our other characters will eventually appear).


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