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Secret Origins – Lionheart

May 29, 2013 in Secret Origins Tags:

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The legend goes like this.  Once there was a man who became the hero named Lionheart.  Just your typical man much like everybody else.  Nothing very special about him at all.  His love of motorbikes vied with his need to earn a few bucks turning his hand to manual work.  Nevertheless he managed his money well enough to take a trip somewhere exotic every year.  Not to sunbathe.  Not to visit tourist attractions.  But just to ride his bike, wild and free.

He was on an adventure trip to Africa when his motorcycle careered out of control off a precipice. Clinging to the edge of a ledge he was able to claw his way up and to his surprise he came upon a cave entrance.  Exploring the cave he came across what appeared to be a shrine to some kind of old animal god.  His interest was piqued.

Investigating the shrine he saw a glowing talon. He hadn’t planned to take the talon.  He just wanted a closer look.  But his hand seemed to reach out with a will of its own.  A crackle of energy and a bright flash of light stole his consciousness.

Coming round several hours later he was shocked when he looked down at his hands which were now covered in a sandy-coloured fur.  Nor was this the only change that had been wrought in him.  Talons instead of fingernails.  Sharp teeth.  An amazing strength and feeling of wellbeing, in his whole body but particularly in his legs.  Something very drastic had happened.

The bad news was that it was probably going to be hard to avoid being noticed now.  And the new talons were going to be a challenge when riding his bike.  But there certainly wasn’t going to be any problem getting back up the cliff.  As for the other problems, Jack Hammer wasn’t really given to worrying about such things.  Live life as it comes, he thought.

Type Of Hero: Brick

Base Of Operations: Helix City –  Helix Point

Secret Identity: Jack Hammer

Description: Sandy Fur, Long Hair, Talons and Fangs. Red and Black Leathers. Lion over a Union Jack on Back.

Powers: Giant Size: Large (non-permanent), Health: 1, Leap: 1, Strength: 2, Tough Skin: 1

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