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Secret Origins – Sulis

May 29, 2013 in Secret Origins Tags:

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Although Sulis has worked with superheroes and is sometimes involved in the same things superheroes are, she cannot be clearly defined in that category.  She doesn’t really wear a costume, though the outfit she is usually seen in is certainly stylised.  She doesn’t have an incredibly colourful name, just a short monicker that she gained somewhere along the way.

Sulis hangs out on the edges of society, in the dark places, in the areas where things get a little bit off-the-wall.  A little bit weird.  She likes it there.  They suit her, those Dark Corners.

Type Of Hero: Freak

Base Of Operations: Helix City –  Downtown / Below

Secret Identity: Diana Morgan

Description: Ragged Sewn Blue Trousers and Shirt.  Dark Sunglasses, union jack logo on side of glasses.

Powers: Shapechange: Feline, Martial Arts: Basic, Martial Arts: Streetfighting, Speed: 1, Force Field: 1, Energy Pool: Basic

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