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Costs and Information
A power group represents a faction, organisation or body of some kind somewhere in the Kingdom of Bereny who may have an interest, direct or obscure, in who is the new ruler of the Kingdom. The form below is split into two halves. The top half is the part that the Berenian public gets to know. The bottom half is the stuff which remains secret except between you and the GM.


1/ The faction must "make sense" within the Berenian setting. The GM will decide if your proposal does.

2/ Any single player can only be the Lead Person on only one Power Group. They can support or play a part in as many as they want, but can only be the Lead on one.


Your Power Group Name

Lead Character Name
*The in-game character who will be the public face of the Power Group.

Lead Character ID Number

Power Group Type
*Choose a power group type that most closely fits what you are trying to do.

Power Group PUBLIC Description

*a brief description that tells the public what your power group is and who
it represents.


Power Group PRIVATE Description

*The truth about your guilds motivations and aims. If these are
the same as the public version, leave this box blank.

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