Zombie armageddon

the end of the world is nigh

The world has ended. There is nothing
remaining of the past save ruins,
memories and desperate survivors.

And The Undead.

They are hungry. They want to feed.
You are their prey.

weekly turns...

desperate survival thriller

SkaterWork alone or
co-operatively with
other players. Fight,
run, hide. Gather
Play dirty to protect number one or
join a group and pool your resources.
whatever style you choose - expect
to be hunted, terrified ... and eaten.

It's kill or be killed and the undead
are not taking any prisoners, buddy.

play for free

or commercially . . .

SkaterA single character in Zombie
Armageddon costs nothing at all.
If you want to play more than one character then you need to play commercially. This costs UK 50p per character per turn.

Your first character always
remains Free. If you die you can
replace them with another free

"The purpose of man's life...is to become an abject zombie who serves a purpose he does not know, for reasons he is not to question."

- Ayn Rand