About Turn-Based Games

Explaining Just What turn-based games are!

Turn-Based Gaming (also known as Play-By-Mail or Play-By-Email Games), is a hobby which allows people to play games with groups of players from all over the world! You can choose when to play, without needing to worry about matching up times with the other players and you get the flexibility to enjoy your game when you want to do so. Gaming at your convenience! Turn-Based Gaming describes the system, since games of this type are played in moves, with each move being called a "turn".

This is how it works:-
(1) You send your ''moves'', in the form of coded orders, to the company who are running the game (Madhouse UK)
(2) On a set date Madhouse UK 'run the game', producing personalised printed reports for all the players and mailing them out to them.
(3) The players peruse the reports they have been sent and it's back to (1) (above).

Turn-Based-Games games are not for everybody. They are in-depth, often very involved, and have fairly large rulebooks. Mostly these are not beer and pretzel games, they are played by intelligent creative people who are looking for an engrossing challenge. These sort of games often have high-levels of player interaction, possibly some level of roleplay for those that like that side of the game, and can go on for months of real time. Once you get into a TBG you will quickly see that it is this pace which gives PBEM games their unique and lasting appeal. You have time to plan, plot, scheme, diplomacise and get excited about what might happen next... and it doesn't eat your life!

About Lizards Online

So What's the deal with Lizards Online?

What Is It All About?
Lizards Online Is a computer-moderated turn-based play-by-email game (PBEM). There are 16 players in each game, each controlling a single clan of Lizards. These unfriendly little reptiles have developed a simple civilisation of their own on a small watery world. Naturally, this leads to a little conflict now and then...

Each turn players may submit a maximum of 30 orders, selected from 15 types of orders available. Players submit their orders each turn. On the due date, all players orders that have been received are processed simultaneously and the results, in the form of a Turn Report, are emailed back to the players as a PDF File.

The Rulebook
The rulebook can be downloaded for free from this website (just click on the link in the column to the left) and explains how to play the game in great detail.

Starting Positions
Each players of Lizards Online Begins with a single Home Den and a number of other dens and lizards. The Clan Home Dens are spread more or less evenly over a randomly generated 32x32 wrap-around hex map.

Home Dens
Each player’s Lizard Clan begins the game with one Home Den of great antiquity and tradition. Clan Home Dens are of enormous importance and a source of much prestige. No matter how many other Dens a Clan owns no recruits will join a clan that has no Home Den. Capturing the Home Dens of other Clans is the main objective in a normal game of Lizards!

Object Of The Game
The first clan to have a points total of more than 1000 points for each ‘Home Den’ remaining in the game is said to have gained “Domination of the Savage Swamp” and the player controlling that clan is the winner. At the start of the game 16000 points are required to win, but this number may be reduced as some Dens are wiped out in the vigorous pursuit of victory.

Speed Of The Game
Lizards Online games are available in three different speeds, 3-Day Super-Fast Games, 7-Day Standard Games and 14-Day Slow Games. You can play at whatever speed suits you!

Hall Of Fame

But Who are the best players?

Lizards is played by people from all over the world. As you win (and lose) games victory points can be accumulated. This gives us a league table of the World Champions.

Current Top Ten Players In The World

1 Thomas Crane
2 Alan Robert Dickinson
3 Mark Scales
4 Steven Bavin
5 Neil Lewis
6 Radosav Nesic
7 Bill Mayling
8 Stuart Connor
9 Steven Homer
10 Darren Old

- Have You Got What It Takes?


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