What Does It Cost?


Buying A Rulebook
It costs nothing to download the FREE PDF rulebook from this website. If you would like to buy a printed copy of the rulebook it costs £10.00.

Lizards Online is run on the basis of all players paying for the full game in advance. This weeds out players who are not serious, or are unable to understand the game. This is better for genuine players as drop-outs which plague other games are almost unknown. A full game of Lizards costs £15.00. There is nothing else to pay. Fifteen pounds covers all the turns regardless of how long the game lasts!

If you purchase five full games in advance, you can choose to use the signups whenever you wish. The cost of the five game bargain is £50.00.

The best method of payment is to pay via PayPal. You can do this via a link on the signup page. However, you may also mail us a cheque if you prefer. Or, if you are a player with an existing balance in your Madhouse accountfor another game it may be possible to use part of this balance to pay for Lizards Online (please check first.)

3-Day Games
These are our Super-Fast Games for people who like fast-paced action..

7-Day Standard Games
These normal games start the most frequently as they are the most common and popular speed option.

14-Day Slow Games
These are slower-paced games for people who like a steady pace or who lack the time necessary for the faster versions.

Notes about Paying In Advance:-
When you pay for the whole game in advance the amount you pay is non-refundable. If you are killed on turn 4 (unlikely, but who knows what could happen?) the money cannot be refunded, carried forward to another game, or in any other way compensated. More commonly, paying for the game in advance gives you great value for money if the game runs for 24 turns or so. There is one special concession, though. If you are on your first ever game of Lizards Online and you are wiped out before turn eight, you will be given another full free Lizards Online game free-of-charge. This gives newbies a break if they are learning the ropes!

Paying On Signup
We cannot and WILL NOT accept a signup without payment. Please do not email us notes saying "I will pay next when the game starts " or "cash coming soon". Your signup will not be added to the new game list until payment is received.. Thank you for your understanding.


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