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Costs To Play

Abnormals is a text-based turn-based commercial  storytelling game, run by Madhouse UK.  It costs money to play, although there are ways you can participate without paying.

This is how is works:-

Basic Hero Comics
(1) You set up a “comic book” for use in the game and a superhero to star in that comic.  This setup costs £10.00, payable in advance and non-refundable under any circumstances.
(2) Then, to purchase credits in order to play the game.  (Cost of credits is shown at the bottom of the page.)
(3) “Issues” of the comic then appear (an “issue” in game terms, is a short blog post of the ongoing storyline.)
(4)  Each issue costs 1 Credit for the comic and 1 Credit for the character starring in it.

So you might set-up a comic book called “The Adventures Of Captain Storm” and then set up a super-hero called “Captain Storm.”  Perhaps Captain Storm is a spacefaring superhero who polices the universe?  Each “issue” of the story will cost you two credits henceforth – allowing you to participate and create the thrilling adventures of Captain Storm.

Partnership Comics
Okay, so now you might want to add a second superhero to your comic.  Perhaps one that “guest-stars” in the occasional episode but does not have their own comic.  Maybe you’ll create “Magnammon” the super-powered inhabitant of some planet that Captain Storm often visits.  You decide when you want Magnammon to join Captain Storm in his adventures (subject to whether this is actually possible within the story) and for the turns where both are active your episode will be a bit longer and you will be charged 3 credits per turn.  (1 credit for the comic book, 1 credit each for the two active stars in the comic.)  You can have a whole bevy of characters set-up, but only one “main star” and others who drift in and out of the storyline where appropriate and where you want them to (and have the gamemaster’s agreement that it is realistic within the storyline).  It is also possible for other players (with your permission) to bring their own characters in as guest stars in your comic.  In which case you pay the Comic Fee (1 credit) and the fee for your character/s in the story, and they pay the single credit for their character.  (It’s also a way to play a bit cheaper for those with less money to spend.)

Team Comics
Finally – you can set-up a team comic.  You can do this alone – but that’s quite expensive since you would pay the comic fee and 1 credit each for every member of the team.  On the other hand, you could create a team with other player’s characters involved too in which case the comic book creator pays the comic fee (1 credit) and everybody else pays a credit for each character involved.  This is a great fun way to play in which you will be in a cooperative story with other characters, however you will pay one credit for your play regardless of how much participation your character plays in that issue’s storyline because you are considered part of the “team” in this instance rather than just a guest player and so any appearance of the team is charged regardless of your individual character’s involvement.  In general, though, team episodes are significantly longer and more involved and most character’s will usually take part.

Multiple Comics
It is entirely possible for your character to play a part in multiple comics.  If you controlled Captain Storm – he could have his own comic, also guest-star in two other comics and even also be part of a team comic.  How involved you want to be in the Abnormals’ world depends entirely on your time, enthusiasm and wallet : )

Yes, this is all a bit confusing to start with, but don’t worry.  It gets easier once you get playing!

The cost of credits is subject to occasional change and special offers.

1 Credit = £5.00
20 Credits = £90.00
50 Credits = £200.00

You can buy credits using Paypal by either filling in the form at the bottom of this page, or doing a direct PayPal payment to the email address

Purchase Abnormal's Credits

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