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Keyboard, Lights, Action

August 27, 2016 in Editorial


Keyboard, Lights, Action

Abnormals, the world’s only play-by-blog turn-based commercial game (as far as we know) restarts next week.

Some comics will remain in hiatus as their players are not yet back on the scene.  Some will restart immediately.  Some will follow the next week.

There may even be a new title or two.

Adventures Of Oakheart will restart NEXT WEEK
Adventures Of Vermilion Widow will restart soon
Among The Shadows will restart soon
Countdown will restart NEXT WEEK
Dark Corners will restart soon
Got Gal will restart NEXT WEEK
Iron Maiden is still on hiatus
Lionheart Chronicles is still on hiatus
The Beast Inside will restart soon
The Midnight Runner will restart soon
Two Fisted Tales is still on hiatus

Get ready!

3 Responses to “Keyboard, Lights, Action”

  1. Bill Treadwell Says:

    Yay – Here hoping the bronze age run is longer than the silver age.

  2. Sarah Says:

    Yes! Sulks will be ready to go,

  3. Sarah Says:

    As will Sulis I love autocorrect


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