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How To Play

How To Play

Basic Play
Abnormals is a play-by-blog game.  The moderator of the game will post the “results” of your game turn – which takes the form of a brief story episode known as an “issue” – on this site.  Once you have digested the contents of the issue, you can give your instructions for what you’d like to do next by emailing the moderator using the “submit instructions” form on this site.   This process continues for as long as you want to play.

However, every issue has a “comments” section and ANY member of the public can submit comments about the issue.  This form of mass participation can be used in a number of ways.  People (other players or just people browsing the site) can suggest things you might like to do in response to your current situation.  (Whether you listen to them or not is entirely up to you!)  People can comment on the quality of the story (constructively) or about the character or game in general.  And other players can offer to join your storyline with their own character (whether you accept or not is entirely up to you.  If you DO accept, this can form part of your submitted instructions for that turn.  The moderator will have the final decision as to whether this is a realistic intervention or not.)  Our comment system is moderated and we will not publish unpleasant or rude comments, nor comments which do not pertain to the game, nor comments with links to non-Abnormals related web pages, nor comments with swearing or bad language (unless the comic has an adult theme and the comments are in keeping with that.)

Team and Team-Up Issues
If you are in a storyline with another character/s involved the next issue cannot be produced until all those involved in the storyline have submitted instructions.

Speed Of Play
How fast issues are produced depends on a number of factors.  How quickly you submit instructions (you can deliberately play more slowly if you want to simply by submitting instructions slowly.)  How quickly the moderators can turn around results (we aim to create a new issue within one week of receiving your submitted instructions, or sooner where possible.  This speed of turnaround is an aspiration – we may adjust it as the game continues.

Final Issues
If a comic has not had an issue published for three months it is possible that we will declare it “out of print” and declare the last issue published as the final issue.  This is also what happens if you are the controller of a comic and run out of credits and choose not to purchase any more.  Once a final issue has been declared the comic cannot be restarted.  However, you could always create a new comic with the same hero and start again with issue #1 and a big new launch.  This is common in the world of superheroes.  So even leaving the game for a while does not preclude an exciting restart and relaunch of your key characters in the future.

House Rules
Participation in this game is dependent upon your understanding and acceptance of our House Rules.  By submitting a turn you are agreeing play within and be bound by these House Rules.  There is no exception.

Abnormals House Rules

Decision Policy
Madhouse decision in all game-related matters is final.

Refund Policy
No refunds are available at any time, in whole or in part, under any circumstances or for any reason. Funds, once paid into your game accounts, are considered to have  purchased future gameplay. You cannot request a refund of future gameplay.  You could, however, request transfer of the game credit to one of our other games, though this will happen at the highest current cost per credit, regardless of what special offers you may have taken up when you bought the credit.

Procedure For Dropping Out / Stopping Playing
If you wish to drop out please inform Madhouse in writing by email or from the order submission page, remembering to quote your real name and the comics / characters you no longer wish to run.  Please remember that turn credits are not available for refund (as per the Refund Policy above).

Overdrawn Accounts Policy  
Madhouse do not allow overdrawn accounts in Abnormals.  If you have not purchased any credits, no further gameplay will be allowed until you do.

Player Diplomacy Policy  
Players are encouraged to contact each other in the spirit of fun roleplay, friendly rivalry or good diplomacy. However, all contact between players should be in the spirit and good-nature of the game. Players acting irresponsibly or unpleasantly may be immediately removed from the game without refund. We would add that we have never had to do this and we very much hope we never will have to.

Payments Policy
Payments can be made by from this site, or by direct bank transfer (please request bank details.)

Madhouse Control Policy
All aspects of our games remain the intellectual property of Madhouse UK. This includes every game part and component, all game data and all data created during the game or external to the game but related to it regardless or where it was displayed or in what medium. Any text, character, design, mechanic, element or aspect of our games can only be duplicated or used with our express permission and with credit and links given. Even where such permission is given we retain full ownership. Please understand that this means all the characters in the game, including those you control while playing the game, are the intellectual property of Madhouse UK.  Your participation in the game depends on your agreement to these terms.  All Rights Are Reserved.

Madhouse Control Policy
Madhouse have the right to make amendments to your position at any time, should they deem it necessary. This includes changes in ANY GAME ELEMENT that the GMs consider important or necessary. While we try not to use these powers very often, you should understand that this is a condition of your participation in the game. Madhouse welcome player comments and contributions of all kinds. We’re here to help you. If you have any queries of suggestions of any kind then drop us a line! We’ll be looking forward to it!

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