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Secret Origins – The Midnight Runner

May 31, 2013 in Secret Origins Tags:

midnight runner header

The Midnight Runner

The Helix Virus made monsters of some, but Douglas Maven was not that unlucky.  Within days of exposure his powers were materialising and where some only had one, or two, Douglas seemed gifted with many.  That said, none of them were particularly strong on their own, but as a package they were impressive.

The Midnight Runner looks every bit the “traditional” superhero.  He has the spandex, the good looks and the panache.  Zooming around the city, his hands and eyes both glowing faintly blue, he is a darling of the press.  As heroes go, he is very photogenic.

Type Of Hero: Abnormal

Base Of Operations: Helix City –  Helix Point

Secret Identity: Douglas Maven

Description: Pale Blue Top, Black Pants. A lightning bolt running left to right across the top front and back

Powers: Energy Attack: Plasma: 1, Energy Pool: Basic, Energy Immunity: Fire: 1, Energy Immunity : Sonic : 1, Energy Immunity: Magical : 1, Force Field : 1, Heightened Senses : Eyesight, Invisibility, Speed : 1

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  1. Angelina Says:

    Midnight Runner is my favourite.


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