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The Broken Lands

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Daemonrift is not presently accepting
new players. This area is for information only.

Several years ago a team of daring adventurers crossed the
boundary from the Kingdom of Bereny into a strange alien dimension
known as the Daemonrift to save their homes from destruction.

After a terrifying and spectacular ordeal the heroes destroyed the
Demon King and put a stop to the plan for conquest of their Kingdom.
Many died in the battle, but some few returned home as champions.

Since then, further teams have ventured to this chaotic
plane to vanquish evil and push the boundaries of adventure.

The Daemonrift is calling, and its denizens have learnt a few new tricks...

Daemonrift is a module of the turn-based adventure game DungeonWorld.
Understanding of the rules and style of play are necessary to take part.
Daemonrift is a weekly module.