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Death comes for us all in the end. It is just a matter of time.

Beyond the worlds of life, past the grey veil which separates this world from the next, there exists a realm of absolute darkness. There, where all things must eventually go, the forces of entropy eat away at the fabric of reality like a bloated parasite on the body of a sickly animal. Gorging and feasting as the forces of life fade away, the great spirits of the dead consume everything that exists, evil and good, natural and unnatural alike. None are spared.

Each and every one of us must pass on to the Land of the Dead. There is no escape from the icy clutches of entropy. Yet death is no simple matter, for the realm beyond the veil is controlled by not one, but five conflicting forces, spirits far beyond any mortal comprehension, whose struggle for supremacy has raged since time began.

Come then, brave traveller. Join us on a trip to the end of everything, to the world beyond worlds, to the final destination. Join us for a great quest, as a hero, a force of darkness, or perhaps as something in between. Of course, you must die to join this grisly dance..

Death, my friends, is a cold companion.

Some Doors Should Never Be Opened