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What Is Kriegmund?
Kriegmund is a module, or new area, for the long-running, turn-based multiplayer fantasy game - DungeonWorld. In order to play you will need to have read the DungeonWorld rules and understand the nature of this type of game. Some experience of the game would also be helpful, but is not absolutely necessary.

About Kriegmund
This module runs as part of the main DungeonWorld game, with turns produced once every two weeks. However, this module is quite separate to the rest of the game and although travel to this area is possible within the game - it is a long, arduous and difficult task.

Adults Only, Participant Discretion Advised.
Most of the DungeonWorld game is family-friendly. However, Kriegmund explores some adult themes and depicts a quite horrific fantasy world. For this reason we have a strict rule that this module is only open to over-18s.

Further, we would warn that some people might find the subject matter shocking or offensive and if you are of that sort of disposition we would politely ask you not to take part.

The Kriegmund setting is a very dark place indeed. By far the darkest so far depicted within the DungeonWorld game. As the byline says - it is a place where “Evil. Has. Won.” With that in mind it should be very clear the sort of game atmosphere you will be taking part in. Madhouse would like to make patently clear that we do not condone any of the horrible things going on in Kriegmund and that it is ONLY A GAME. If you don’t like it, please don’t play it.