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House Rules

All Players Must Read, Understand and
Agree To Be Bound By These House Rules.
Your participation in any of our games is subject to your agreement.

The following House Rules are official rules under which you
are participating in any Madhouse game.
Your understanding of and acceptance of these rules are conditions
of playing the game. These rules are binding in all situations.
Any player not wishing to play by and be bound by these rules should
not sign up for any Madhouse game!
Your continued play is only allowed under the conditions supplied herein.

Decision Policy
Madhouse decision in all game-related matters is final.

Refund Policy
No refunds are available at any time, in whole or in part, under any circumstances or for any reason. Funds, once paid into your game accounts, are considered to have
purchased future gameplay. You cannot request a refund of future gameplay - though you can move the credit to other positions or games we run.

Procedure For Dropping Out / Closing A Position
If you wish to drop out you must inform Madhouse in writing by post, fax or email, remembering to quote your name, account number, player number, game name and game number. Failure to do so correctly or with all details intact may result in your *not* being dropped out and, in the case of commercial games, the resulting red account will be a legal and valid debt in your name which you will be expected to pay in full. If you decide to drop out and your account is in the red, you are required to clear your overdrawn account balance within 7 days. Since Madhouse have no wish to charge anybody for turns they do not wish to play we cannot stress strongly enough - please send us notification if you no longer wish to play so that we can correctly remove your position from the game!

Deadlines Policy
It is advised that where possible orders must be submitted at least THREE DAYS BEFORE the due date for 2-week deadline games, and ONE DAY BEFORE for games with one week deadlines. We do accept turns right up to the moment of the deadline, but slow email delivery or other problems are very hard to do anything about at the last moment. To be safe... send early!

Lost and Missing Turns Policy
Madhouse take all possible precautions to be sure of reliability of email and servers. However, we cannot be held responsible for any lost turnsheets or missed turns resulting from postal, machine or internet failure. If a turn is missing the position will still be run and updated with the usual fee charged. You will receive the turn update as usual. Orders sent late may be used for the following turn, but this is not guaranteed so resending your orders is always a good policy.

Overdrawn Accounts Policy
Players must keep their accounts positive at all times. While Madhouse reserve the right to allow accounts to go into the red you should not count on or expect this. Madhouse may decide to drop your position if your account does not hold sufficient funds to process the turn. Any overdrawn balance is a legal debt you will be expected to settle and Madhouse reserve the right to take legal action to recover funds owed to us.

Player Diplomacy Policy
Players are encouraged to contact each other in the spirit of fun roleplay, friendly rivalry or good diplomacy. However, all contact between players should be in the spirit and good-nature of the game. Players acting irresponsibly or unpleasantly may be immediately removed from the game without refund. We would add that we have never had to do this and we very much hope we never will have to.

Cheques and Postal Orders
All cheques or postal orders should be made payable to 'Mr Steven Tierney'.

Paypal & Direct Bank Payments
Madhouse accept payment by credit or debit cards via the online PayPal system. If you wish to take advantage of this you will have to set up an account with PayPal themselves which can be done via www.paypal.com. Alternatively you can pay us directly into our bank account. Our bank details can be obtained by emailing us and requesting them - quoting your name and Madhouse account number.

Turn Error Policy

If you think Madhouse have made a mistake with your turn... contact us and let us know! We'll try to put it right, compensate your position in some way if we believe it is our fault, or explain where you want wrong if we feel you are mistaken. However, Madhouse have a strict policy of *never* re-running a turn. Whatever had happened we would not ever do so at any time unless *all* players were affected by the problem.

Bug Policy
If you think you have found a bug in a Madhouse game please report it to us by email, or using the applicable Bug Reports page on our website for that game. Madhouse always repair bugs quickly and will compensate your position if possible or necessary. However, turns are never re-run to fix a bug as a matter of very strict policy, so please don't ask. Please report all bugs on the turn they happen. We cannot look into problems that happened on previous turns. Once a bug is reported, please allow up to two weeks for a response (though it will often be much quicker than that.)

Madhouse Control Policy
All aspects of our games remain the intellectual property of Madhouse. This includes every game part and component, all game data and all data created during the game or external to the game but related to it regardless or where it was displayed or in what medium. Any text, design, mechanic, element or aspect of our games can only be duplicated or used with our express permission and with credit and links given. Even where such permission is given we retain full ownership.
All Rights Are Reserved.

Madhouse Control Policy
Madhouse have the right to make amendments to your position at any time, should they deem it necessary. This includes changes in ANY GAME ELEMENT that the GMs consider important or necessary. While we try not to use these powers very often, you should understand that this is a condition of your participation in the game. Madhouse welcome player comments and contributions of all kinds. We're here to help you. If you have any queries of suggestions of any kind then drop us a line! We'll be looking forward to it!