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Basic Character Types
Normally, players who are trying DungeonWorld for the first time start with two characters. The game was designed to be entirely playable with just two characters, although players can control more if they wish. We recommend you choose two from this list of options, but should you feel excited enough to start with more, each additional character costs £2.00 to set up and then 50p per turn thereafter. You would need to send these additional characters by using the form a second (or more) times until all characters you had requested were sent.

These are the basic character types available to new players:-

Human & Dwarven Fighters
These characters can be male or female. They represent the classic fantasy warrior, who stands at the front row of a conflict and goes toe-to-toe with the enemy. The Dwarven fighter is about half the height of a human but far broader of chest and (usually) a long beard.

Human Rogues
Rogues are the classic fantasy thief/scout class. While they are fair fighters, they are somewhat weaker and not so finely trained. However, they have other skills and abilities that give them distinct advantages, including the abilities to pick locks and pockets! They can be male or female.

Human Enchanter/Enchantress
Summoning Fire Sprites to sizzle their enemies, shielding their bodies with crackling fields of energy. Enchanters are the main magical class in the game, casting spells from scrolls which only they can make! They can be male or female.

Human Priests
These holy men and women worship the Gods of Light and can use their powers to heal the sick and wounded. They are normally fairly tough as well, making them a useful addition to any adventuring group.

Human Monks
Human Monks can only be male, since the remote mountain schools which teach them, still stuck in ancient prejudices, will not take female applicants. Monks are masters of the martial arts, being devastating hand-to-hand fighters, but being limited by the weapon and armour choices they are allowed.

Elven Warrior Maidens
Elves in the DungeonWorld have a very distinct class system in which the women are the superior fighters. Consequently, these classes can only initially be female. Elven Women, like other fighter forms, have the usual warrior strengths, but add some unique Elven abilities in their possible skill selection.

Human Assassins
In the political hotpot of DungeonWorld there have always been those rogues who take one step further into the darker profession of Assassination. In time, these people have found their skills can be used for the cause of good too! Their ability to make poison and use a special 'backstab' attack with an Assassins' Curved dagger is useful too! Assassins can be male or female.

Glacier Barbarians
These huge brutish Southerners come from the icy wastes. Their huge girth and resistance to cold are infamous, as is their fiery temper. They start the game with a special weapon called a ''Strach'' (a kind of axe.) They can be male or female.

Human Necromancers
The study of death has long been feared in the lands of Bereny. Necromancers are mistrusted and misunderstood characters who use the dark magics of entropy in their quest for magical knowledge. Although they are still adventuring heroes, Necromancers never quite seem to be accepted by society. Like Enchanters, they have low combat and health stats. They can be male or female.

Human Crusaders
Crusaders are holy warriors who work for the Church and the Crown. While they worship all the gods, they are split into 'arms' which each honour one of the Deities in particular. Crusaders start with armour and a shield and are a powerful initial class, *but* they have a downside. Each 'arm' of the Crusaders is ruled by a 'Lord Crusader' who's word is *law*. If they issue a command your character will be expected to obey or suffer dire consequences.
The Crusader option is recommended for advanced players only.
If you do choose to take one you should choose which sort and write your choice in a space on the signup form:-
Crusader of Cambron (God of Justice) - Must be male
Crusader of Selador (Father of the Gods) - Must be male
Crusader of Merl (God of Commerce) - Must be male
Crusader of Marial (Goddess of Healing) - Must be female
Crusader of Bethseline (Goddess of Love) - Must be female
Crusader of Shanna (Goddess of Nature) - Must be female

Human & Elven Bards
Bards are the entertainers, musicians and minstrels of DungeonWorld. They have fair fighting abilities and can use their music to 'influence' others, both negatively for their enemies and positively for their friends. They can be male or female, but be warned, Elven Male Bards are extremely weak because of a magical curse which affects all Elven men in the game.

Half-man, half-horse, centaurs are a magical man and animal hybrid. Able to carry other characters on their backs and negotiate the overland at a faster rate than a two-legged humanoid, they are nevertheless restricted to a limited range of armour and gear. Can be male or female.

Human Alchemists
These homely scholars study the properties of Alchemicals and other elements of nature, mixing them in smoky labs, or walking the halls of a dungeon with components ready for experimentation. Although they are probably the weakest character type in combat, their knowledge and potential financial growth are often considered on of the greatest of all adventurers. Recommended for experienced players only. Can be male of female.

Human Rangers
Wanderers of the overland, these characters are the scouts and masters of the road and countryside. From the icy wastes, through the hot Summer Ward and on to the fog-shrouded North, they excel at navigating the wild areas and strange places above ground.

Human Druids
Living in tune with nature, Druids are another class well suited to the overland. Their abilities to summon animals to their aid and to mend and heal where nature has been torn asunder are rather specialist, but useful in certain situations.

The Adventurer's Market
To get your characters started you'll need to purchase some equipment for them. You can fill in what purchases you want to make on the sign-up sheet. Each character has 50 gps (Gold Pieces) to spend at the Adventurers Market. There are thousands of items available in the game, but for the purposes of this setup we've limited your choices down to a few pieces of basic equipment. The rest you can find later... while exploring the game!

Please note the following armour restrictions:
Enchanters, Alchemists, Barbarians and Monks are not allowed armour of any kind.
Rogues, Rangers, Bards, Assassins and Crusaders of Shanna are not allowed Plate Mail.
Druids can only wear natural armour which they make themselves.
Centaurs cannot initially purchase armour (because they need to find and buy special 'Barding' (horse armour) during the game.)

Please note the following special setup Items which you do not need to buy when setting up:-
Glacier Barbarians start the game with a weapon (a Strach) automatically.
Rogues start the game with lockpicks automatically.
Human Enchanters and Human Necromancers start the game with scrolls detailing their four initial spells.
Assassins start the game with a special curved assassin's dagger automatically.
All Crusaders start the game with a special shield and armour automatically.
All bards start the game with a musical instrument automatically.
Rangers start the game with a 'Rangers Bow' automatically.
Centaurs start the game with a 'Centaurs Bow' automatically.

Please note the following special options available on some character types:-
Glacier Barbarians can choose to start the game with a Timber Wolf. (No cost in-game, but 10p per turn to run in real money.)
Crusaders can choose to start the game with a squire. (No cost in-game, but 10p per turn to run in real money.)

Its best to get a weapon, since bare hands don't do much damage in combat... unless you're a monk or a Glacier Barbarian, in which case, don't bother with a weapon for now. Fighters might want some sort of armour too. A ''Teleport Home'' Scroll is useful, magically returning your character to the start point and might be very handy to get back after you've explored as far as you want to before returning to lick your wounds and sell your gains for a while. A ''Shadow Cloak'' is a tool for rogues, made from a low-friction lightweight material, but not actually magical, it's the best thing for dodgy dealings! A ''Petty Title'' gives your character the affix of ''Lord'' before their name. It's of little use except for show, but it does have some weight in bureaucratic circles and might be useful if you plan to get involved in game politics. A ''Guard Dog'' actually functions as another character, having it's own orders and working independently of it's owner. However, if you buy a guard dog your position will be charged an additional 10p in *real* money, (not a great sum, but it covers the printing costs, etc.) All characters are considered ''clothed'' in basic tunic, leggings and sandals until other clothing is bought. Enchanters start the game equipped with everything they need for basic spells.