The Largest Turn-Based Fantasy Adventure Game In The World

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What Is It?

DungeonWorld is a character-based multiplayer
turn-based fantasy adventure game.

It is set in an epic world full of monsters,
mayhem, swords and sorcery.

Adventurer's Position

This is the hack and slash, treasure-gathering,
monster-bashing, exploration position.

In the commercial version
you begin the game with two adventuring characters,
but can choose to control as many as ten,
with many more sub-characters, summoned creatures
hirelings and sidekicks.

In the FreePlay version you control just a single
character, but there are no in-game limitations
on what that character can do or achieve.

Don't be fooled, an Adventurer's position can be played
as simple fun, or with complex diplomatic and roleplayed
interaction with the players, guilds and game organisations.