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The Midnight Runner, Issue #002

June 14, 2013 in The Midnight Runner Tags:

midnight runner header
Issue #002 – – – – – controlled by Ken Thompson – – – – – Credits 38

There was definitely something hokey about the computer knowing there had been a break-in, but relegating it to the same level of importance as information about the whereabouts of his cat.  But Midnight didn’t have time to deal with that.  Whatever had broken in was still here.  “Xara patch me through to the Deep Storage Centre then implement emergency protocol Alpha 1; lock everything down, nothing in or out.”
“Acknowledged,” Xara said.  All around, the hydraulic hiss of steel plates sliding smoothly over windows and doors filled the air.  Automated emergency lights flickered.  Somewhere distant the backup generator hummed into life, ready to take the strain if it needed to.  The air dropped a degree in temperature as it moved to draw from the oxygen tanks stored in his rear wall.  Nothing in or out meant just that.  Nothing.

“You are patched to the Deep Storage Centre,” Xara confirmed.
With a calm but demanding voice Midnight Runner spoke: “Intruder, who are you and what do you want?”
The sound relayed from the bunker beneath the building in which his penthouse was located did not change.  A soft hum and the regular hissing of gears slowly turning.  The Midnight Runner spoke again: “Respond or the system will be purged along with you.”
Still nothing.  Perhaps this was all a malfunction?  Xara’s failure to report it with the proper gravity certainly suggested that could be the case.  If there was something down there, it wasn’t playing.

Of course, the Midnight Runner was bluffing.  He couldn’t possibly purge the Deep Storage Centre because…

Midnight was sitting in his office chair, the automated massage rubbing away at the knots in his back.  He opened his eyes.  Moonlight poured in between the cracks in the curtains over the huge bay window that led out to his penthouse balcony.  Had he fallen asleep without going through his routines?  How strange.  He must have been more tired then he realised.  “Xara?” he called.
“How may I be of service?” the computer’s voice came back.
“Where did I get to before I dropped off?”
The computer listed the chores he’d completed, though he really couldn’t remember completing them.  “Inventory, diary, accounts, orders, surveillance.”
He rubbed his bleary eyes.  “Anything to report?” he asked.
“The Belmont Building.  Some sort of altercation taking place on the roof.”
Midnight knew the Belmont, it was three blocks away.  Expensive homes, upper middle-class owners; politicians, junior executives, union bigwigs and the like.
“Show me,” he asked.
The main screen gave an aerial view of the top of the Belmont building, while three other monitors displayed it from different angles.  There was a fight going on!  It looked like a trio of women in white costumes were getting beaten up by a much larger group of men dressed as pirates.
Pirates?  Now we’re talking, Midnight Runner thought with a grin.  I’m in the mood for some old school bad guys!

“Xara,” The Midnight Runner said.  “Juice up my Midnight ‘Copter.  The day job is over, time for some volunteering!”
“Of course,” said the computer, “You will be ready for take-off in Forty Seconds.  Vehicle will rendezvous with you on the balcony. ”
“Excellent.  Better get on.  I still can’t believe I fell asleep.  I had the strangest dream!”
The hero vaulted over the couch and headed for the balcony, ready to spring into action.  It was, perhaps, a shame he was in a hurry.  If he’d had just a little more time he might have seen the red blinking light on the security dashboard.  Just above it, the printed legend read: “Breach.”  And just above that the area identifier was the Deep Storage System.  Somewhere far below the building, something stirred in the darkness.  Something terrible.

2 Responses to “The Midnight Runner, Issue #002”

  1. False Bill Says:

    The Midnight runner has some cool toys, still I wonder if the pirates are trans-dimensional bounty stealers with a flying ship, as you’ve got a copter or worse the three women in white won’t turn out to be the fates.

  2. Josh Says:

    Wow this game looks awesome. Do you give orders to your character like orders in other games? How much of the story would I have to write?
    Also I wish there was some free play option because I don’t have much money now and not sure how much ten bucks is in BitCoin. Was looking into that today.

    GMs Response:
    You write your instructions as free text. You don’t need to write *any* of the story, you simply give some brief instructions as to what you think you’d like to do next and the GMs make the next bit of the story from that. Unfortunately, we can’t offer any freeplay options because the game is labour-intensive. It takes a GM the better part of an hour to complete a turn and no company could run a game like this without making some money for it. This is the “high end” of our games. There are free options in games like DungeonWorld, but Abnormals will always be likely to be fairly expensive because of the sort of game it is. However, you get to read the adventures of the heroes for free as a watched of the game, there’s no charge for viewing! (Which is more than you can say for most forms of entertainment!)


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