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Power Groups

Bereny's Registered Power Groups

GM Notes:
A power group is not an actual in-game structure. The term "power group" doesn't mean anything inside the game, it is a term used outside the game to determine influence and importance of all sorts of different in-game groups, factions and organisational structures.

These are the registered Power Groups:

Name: The White Tower
Type: Adventurer's Guild
Lead Character: Duke Ephraim Stryker
Public Description : Historically an order of Knights that was destroyed in mysterious circumstances many years ago, the refounded Tower has far surpassed its ancient history to become one of the most active and influential guilds in Bereny. The guild includes arcane practitioners and priests within its ranks as well as warriors, performing a valuable support role in addition to fighting and adventuring alongside the knights. The White Tower seeks to secure the Tredach line upon the throne. The heir apparent, the son of Dirk Tredach is too young and too untrained to currently govern. The Queen is unfit to serve as Regent and has shown long disregard for safety and security of the blood line. The White Tower will establish a Protectorate to secure the Tredach Line
Power Rank: 44/100

Name: Bereny Landholders Association
Type: Political Group
Lead Character: Baron Brian Hardcastle III
Public Description : Barons and Baronesses the length and breadth of Bereny are concerned that there is a peaceful transition of power following the death of King Dirk I. As the bedrock of Bereny society running the large rural estates that feed the country they will gladly support the rightful claimant to the throne and will be pleased to bring forward one or two suggestions that we have for better governance.
The Bereny Landholders Association is open to all those who run an estate and campaigns to support thier interests.
Power Rank: 31/100

Name: I.G.W.
Type: Adventurer's Guild
Lead Character: Baron Solas
Public Description : The Independent Guild of Wizards. A group of adventuring wizards who broke away from the established magical communities to pursue their own paths.
Power Rank: 46/100

Name: The Great Library
Type: Adventurer's Guild
Lead Character: Friar John, Head Librarian
Public Description : The Great Library seeks to learn the Truth, and to discover new ways to wield it as a weapon against the creatures that stalk the darkness and their corrupt masters. The duty entrusted to them by Lionel of Tredach is nothing less than to guard Bereny against the return of the Time of Thunder, and to prevent it from taking place. To that end, the Great Library believes in the Prophesy that only one of the Tredach Bloodline can sit on the Throne of Bereny.
Power Rank: 51/100

Name: The Walkers on the Edge
Type: Adventurer's Guild
Lead Character: Mortimer Fischer
Public Description : The Walkers Guild perspective at this point is:
a) We are Crown Loyal, and support the appropriately and legally selected king (or queen).
b) We are lawful, and hunt down outlaws etc. We are unlikely to support an obviously unlawful claim to the crown.
Power Rank: 50/100

Name: The Queen's Companions
Type: Political Group
Lead Character: Lady Jaycinthe Chaos
Public Description : multi-disciplinary group of Berenian Adventurers, spread across the Kingdom in balanced fighting teams, who have all sworn a solemn oath to protect the interests and defend the person of Queen Juliette Steadfast-Tredach, Duchess of Torlia. They are, needless to say, currently Crown-Loyal. They are financed and run from an office in Crownheart Palace, co-located with that of the Veiled Amazons Guild, of whom the Queen is the permanent Patron.  It uses the Queen's personal funds and a proportion of the income from the Duchies of Torlia and White-Citadel.
Power Rank: 10/100

Name: Red Scarf - for the people, by the people
Type: Political Group
Lead Character: The Donald
Public Description : For years the Tredachs (as well as any king or queen before and after them) have been running Bereny into the ground. While they were getting richer you, the honest and real people of Bereny, we getting poorer. Your adventurer jobs being stolen by non-humans and Kyrians. While they invented some fake prophecy to assert their claim to the throne, you, hardworking people of Bereny, were getting shafted. The Red Scarf supports 'The Donald', famous entrepreneur and awesome leader, to work with the people of Bereny to bring back power and gold to everyone. MAKE BERENY GREAT AGAIN!   
Power Rank: 20/100

Name: Bereny Eagle Elite Fighters guild
Type: Adventurer's Guild
Lead Character: General Calliope Sureshot
Public Description : A select group of elite fighters extremely loyal to the king and devoted to battle the most feared enemies of Bereny. Eagles emphasize small unit actions, whether in a platoon exclusively of Eagles, or as the combat specialists in mixed groups of like-minded adventurers. King Dirk was an Eagles officer before rising to the throne, and we start with preference for his heir, but will rally to the next monarch once one is chosen. If the Prince becomes the King, we will support a council of regents led by the Queen, and General Sureshot will volunteer her services.
Power Rank: 49/100

Name: The Bereny Wyvern Racing Association
Type: Trade/Business Group
Lead Character: Lightfingered Tom
Public Description : We represent the noble sport of wyvern racing. Our goal it to promote the sport and bring its excitement and thrills to the whole nation. We include breeders, jockeys and general enthusiasts. We can extoll the virtues of the right candidate at our events and provide wyverns for use by the Crown.  
Power Rank: 4/100

Name: Sylvan Alliance
Type: Adventurer's Guild
Lead Character: Chaldan Ironhoof
Public Description : The Sylvan Alliance guild, a Nature guild formed to support all those races and Adventurer classes that are intimately linked to Nature and the Enchanted Forest. The Sylvan Alliance seeks to uphold the Tredach line, not wishing to provoke the clause that could break the Agreement, that banished the Demons and so bring back the Time of Thunder that was so devastating for all of Myriad.
Power Rank: 51/100

Name: The Wild Damsels
Type: Adventurer's Guild
Lead Character: Mistress Betheny
Public Description : The Wild Damsels is an unofficial guild for courtesans who lead a double life as adventurers.
Power Rank: 39/100

Name: Glazeco
Type: Trade/Business Group
Lead Character: Baroness Glaze Fierein
Public Description : Glazeco is the brand name for anything involving Baroness Glaze Fierein. One of the most notable things contained in this is the MMWBGF Fan Club. Although they are mostly a trade group based around Poldoon, They run many businesses outside the city. The also get involved in Politics and they fund a group of Adventurers. Notably run by Baroness Glaze Fierein aka Duchess Glaze Aevin of Poldoon. The group believes itself to represent the ordinary working class of Bereny.
Power Rank: 29/100

Name: Raven's Mark
Type: Trade/Business Group
Lead Character: The Raven of Ghorst
Public Description : The holdings, businesses and ventures of the group of organisations and businesses owned and run by the Raven of Ghorst, Duke of Poldoon.
Power Rank: 34/100

Name: The Runeforge
Type: Adventurer's Guild
Lead Character: Gimli Ruddle
Public Description : The Dwarves of the Runeforge pledegs its support to any legitimate Berenian Monarch from the Bloodline of Tobias, as they have done since the Time of Thunder, where such legitimacy is proven beyond doubt.
Power Rank: 55/100

Name: Protectors of The Faith
Type: Religious Group
Lead Character: Sassetta
Public Description : Members of Dei Vigilare and other adventurers devoted to the Gods of Light and The Prophecy regarding the criticalness that those who sit on the Throne of Bereny be of the Tredach lineage.
Power Rank: 11/100

Name: Crusaders of Cambron
Type: Religious Group
Lead Character: Valind de Winter
Public Description : The position of Crusaders of Cambron is that the law is the law, and the succession must be carried out lawfully, as determined by the Royal Courts. We will oppose insurrection and unlawfulness in this time of uncertainty.
Power Rank: 21/100

Name: The Five Pathers
Type: Adventurer's Guild
Lead Character: Lady Clarissa Stormpath
Public Description : The way of the five paths guild, here to help Mr Huggies win the crown. Lord Crusader of Merl also is helping with some of his friends.
Power Rank: 59/100

Name: The Government of the Kingdom of Bereny
Type: Other Group
Lead Character: Queen-Regent Juliette Steadfast-Tredach
Public Description : The administrative non-political organs of Government, such as the Civil Service, Intelligence Services, Army, Army Reserves, Police, Medical Services, Education & Technology, Transport, Supervision of Guilds, etc.  Headed by the Crown, in the person of the King or Queen, or a Regent if no lawfully crowned sovereign exists. The Royal Courts, of course, remain quite independent.
Power Rank: 49

Name: Thrillseekers
Type: Social Group
Lead Character: Blake "Nightfall" Connor
Public Description : We are a small group of adventurers working our way to becoming a guild. At the moment we are just a handful of parties who sign up to the same charter, which is action and adventure with no care to the cost. We know there is already a guild a little like this, but we don't think they live up to their name. Walk on the edge? Hardly. They are all old and tired and mostly walk to the nearest comfortable chair and warm fire. Thrillseekers will become the guild that true fearless adventurers look to. Because we aren't scared little girls hiding under the blankets.
Power Rank:6

Name: The Black Tower
Type: Adventurers Guild
Lead Character: Tarek Bonemaster
Public Description : The Black Tower seeks to maintain the protection of Necromancy and Necromancers from persecution. The recent monarchs have maintained the legality of Necromancy, stamped out the legal murder of Necromancers and The Black Tower is/was grateful for their protection. To the future The Black Tower will support the candidate that ensures the continuation of the protection of its members and their ability to freely practise their Art.
Power Rank: 48

Name: The Mudwhumps
Type:Trade/Business Group
Lead Character: Jeremiah Larrow
Public Description : The Mudwhumps are a union of tradesmen heralding from the village of Mayview in Home Ward. Mudwhumps make up, collectively, the foragers, scruff farmers, gatherers, mudwallows and stirks alongside a number of less well-known local trades.
Power Rank: 2

Name: New Dawn Traders
Type: Trade/Business Group
Lead Character: Ernest Bright the 3rd
Public Description : Trade comglomerate specialising in rare herbs, spices and legal sensory medicinals.
Power Rank: 10

Name: The Warders
Type: Adventurers Guild
Lead Character: High Warder Grimlock
Public Description : Crown Loyal Protectors Guild, Warders provide protection to all who require it as "Unbonded Warders" or swear a bond to protect Enchanters, Necromancers, Alchemists, Druids, Elven Enchanters, Seers, and other casters as "Bonded Warders." The Warders have always nominally supported the Tredachs. The Warders are apolitical in that they have no aspirations to the Throne and are on neutral- to friendly-terms with most other guilds.
Power Rank: 56

Name: Poldoon Border Scouts
Type: Other Group
Lead Character: General Eurytion
Public Description : Power Group Type: Military The Poldoon Border Scouts under the direction of our Commander, the Raven of Ghorst, the Duke of Poldoon. The Poldoon Border Scouts, an experienced Adventurer-crewed military force helping to repulse & remove enemies threatening the Dukedom and Bereny, both from within and without.
Power Rank: 22

Name: Ladies In Grey
Type: Other Group
Lead Character: Miss Amelia Sorrow
Public Description : Representing the widows of Bereny, ladies whose husbands have been killed in the line of duty or at work. Not representing those widowed by old age as these ladies are cared for by the Autumn Federation.
Power Rank: 5

Name: The Royal Trading Company
Type: Trade/Business Group
Lead Character: Master Kirkham Brent
Public Description : The Royal Trading Company is controlled by the High Trader and oversees all official trading agreements between various official factions and nations.
Power Rank: 18

Name: Glacier Barbarian Clans
Type: Geographical Group
Lead Character: Ragnar Bloodaxe
Public Description :As King of the Glacier Barbarians I declare myself a vassal king to the rightful heir to the Berenian throne, Duke Dickon. I pledge the  support of myself and the clans to see Duke Dickon ascend to the throne as is his right.
Power Rank: 40

Name: Brotherhood of the Silent Pond
Type: Adventurers Guild
Lead Character: Master Shi Yan Ming
Public Description :The Brotherhood of the Silent Pond wishes to remain neutral in these times of unrest concerning the uncertainty towards the next King/Queen of Bereny. But its membership will protect the people from being caught in harms way by the struggles of the rich and powerful.
Power Rank: 50

Name: The Royal Guild of Adventurers
Type: Adventurers Guild
Lead Character: Baroness Lirenda Soulsaver
Public Description : The Royal Guild of Adventurers was set up over two hundred years ago by the then King Edwin of Bereny. The idea behind the guild was to employ bounty hunters and other illegals who were capable of duties which were beyond the capacity of the army, such as hunting notorious outlaws and delving deep into the dungeons of the Kingdom to fight Undead. As the years went by the small group of adventurers gained fame and fortune and are now an accepted part of the Kingdom. In the past the guild has been used as a 'secret police' force for the state and as the official poster of Crown bounties. Its most illustrious member being Naomi Tredach who joined the guild to prevent a constitutional crisis over the succession and went on to become perhaps its most successful leader. We support the rightful successor to the Crown, Prince Dickon, and the Queen-Regent Juliette.  As history has shown, we stand firmly behind the Tredach line.
Power Rank: 50

Name: Children Of Ragnarok
Type: Adventurers Guild
Lead Character: GB Boldar
Public Description : The Children of Ragnarok, lay ' claim ' to the Southern Glaciers; as protectors of the lands and all native tribes ( including, but not limited to, the Eskimo ), native monsters, ( such as Frost Giants and Yeti, etc. ), Structures ( such as the Great Column ) and sacred Places ( such as, but not limited to ) the Risen Snow Fortress, Snow Witch Caverns, Froststorm, Barbarian Villages, ancient standing stones, etc. ). We are dedicated to stop any poaching of animals native to the Southern Glaciers  and the trade in by - products of said poaching ( such as trade in animal parts: hides and fur, etc. ) except by the native peoples of the Glaciers.
We are dedicated to stopping any destruction of native trees and plants ( such as, but not limited to, Pine Woods, etc. ). The Children of Ragnarok believe it is the right of the native peoples of the Glaciers, to live free from any Bereny Governmental Control and this includes any Glacial Barbarians while in the Southern Glaciers.
( All CoR members, while in Bereny Lands, will be expected to be civil to Berenian Officials and Officers of the Berenian Court and uphold all vows made to Bereny throughout the ages! ).
Power Rank: 54

Name: Democratic Citizens' Association
Type: Political Group
Lead Character: Doctor Karl Embers
Public Description : We support the continuation of the line of Tredach through the sovereignty of Miss Cassiopia Tredach-Holte, whose promise of democratic reforms will lead to Government by the people, for the people, with a hereditary ruler supporting our traditions, religion and cultural norms. Our support is widespread including businesses, citizens and nobles, and we shall make the case of both rightful provenance and intellectual and moral importance.
Power Rank: 19

Name: The Order
Type: Adventurers Guild
Lead Character:Claddagh Pyrite
Public Description :The Order was founded by a group of heroes whose names and deeds have been sung for many years. The purpose of The Order is for members to presage their honour, their sword, and even their life to guild tenets. These are:
1. To aid those in peril
2. To free the oppressed
3. To fight for those who are dominated by evil
4. To eradicate those who would oppress the masses in the name of evil.
The order are loyal to the rightful heir to the Tredach throne.
Power Rank: 16