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The Broken Lands

What Is It?

Broken Lands is a sub-module of a huge fantasy adventure game called DungeonWorld. The main DungeonWorld game is a turn-based play-by-mail game.

Broken Lands has been designed to be simpler and easier to get to grips with, making it perfect for newcomers, but also fun for experienced players.

Our hope is that you will enjoy the game enough to move on to the full commercial game at some point and have your character join the thousands of other characters who are taking advantage of the full system and exploring the largest adventure game ever made!

There is no catch involved.
We are not limiting the amount of free turns you play,
nor forcing you to start paying at any time.
We will not hassle you about it in any way.
If you simply enjoying playing Broken Lands for free and have
no wish to move to the full game, then nobody is going to
force you to do so.

We believe that our games should sell themselves on their own merits,
without external pressures.

Why Is The Broken Lands Different To The Main DungeonWorld Game?

Broken Lands free module has been simplified. Advanced options like skills, guilds and some of the more weird and wonderful character classes do not exist in Broken Lands. Also, in the Broken Lands a player can only control one adventurer, while the full game allows for many more. This serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it means that players who move to the commercial game have some really cool things to look forward to! Secondly, it makes learning to play the game simpler, which is good for new players of the free module.

Never fear though, if you enjoy a good hack and slash adventure in an enormous underground empire, there's still plenty to enjoy here!