The Largest Turn-Based Fantasy Adventure Game In The World

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What Is It?

DungeonWorld is a character-based multiplayer
turn-based fantasy adventure game.

It is set in an epic world full of monsters,
mayhem, swords and sorcery.

The Kingdom of Bereny is owned by the Crown.

By law, every sector of land, every tree, every bush, is owned by
the current regent. Things built 'on' that land are owned by
whoever built them, as long as they had appropriate
permission to build them on the King's land.

In turn, the King grants 'lordship' of parcels of land to Barons
and Petty Lords
, and occasionally to those common folk wealthy
enough to afford a special fee for a land title.
In any instance of the King granting such land, the new landowner
swears their life (and the lives of their family) and their
swords to the King.

As an Estate controller it will be your job to juggle
the decisions, economics, strategy and politics
of a minor noble is a complex and changing land.