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What Is It?

Kyr Is a DungeonWorld module, set in a distant Eastern region
of sandy deserts, dusty ruins, giants and Djinn!

Kyr is an enormous empire. It is reckoned by some to be nearly twice the size of Bereny. However, it is nowhere near as densely populated and features huge regions which are completely devoid of civilised life.

The majority of Kyr is dry and hot, with large areas of desert. There is some steppe, particularly in the North, and flat grasslands in the South-East. Most cities in Kyr are built on or near one of the major rivers. In the center of Kyr, the desert of Endless Peril and Misery (often known simply as Misery) is named thus to reflect its deadly nature.

There are three huge mountain ranges; The Thousand and One Mountains which run along the Northern edge of the empire, Vulture Peaks which sit at the top of the Land of the Giants; and the Tainted Mountains in the far South-Western corner of the empire, which are said to be the home of evil Djinn and dark spirits.

The Karim-Asalah River is the longest and most powerful river in the empire. It originates somewhere high in the Thousand and one mountains and runs diagonally across Kyr, cutting across the top of the Misery and travelling to join the Great Lake of Pleasurable Dreams in the South-West. The other major waterway is the Vulture-Khorsin river which is an offshoot of the Karin-Asalah. Both rivers feed minor streams and brooks in many directions. The rivers of Kyr are bursting with life and source of much food. They are also heavily used for trade and travel.

Wastes in Kyr are simply deserts without sand. Usually, a waste is mostly hard flat featureless land, cracked mud, thorny bushes and weeds. Most of the nomadic tribes of Kyr live in the Wastes, although a very few tribes do make a life in the forbidding terrain of Misery. The Western Wastes are actually in the North-East of the Kingdom, but their name was coined by the people of the city of Big Fish, to whom they were indeed in the West.

There are two types of City in Kyr; Emperors Cities and Trade Cities. The first type are cities where the emperor actually owns a palace and are usually important centers of government. These are the largest cities because they are in particular favour with the emperor. Trade cities are simply cities with no palace which have sprung up usually around some vital trade.

The Emperor’s Cities in order of size and important from largest to smallest are;

City Of Splendours, capital city, the home of the emperor and his army and the largest city in Kyr.

Rasiaid (pronounced Rar-Say-Eed), the chief hub of commerce from Bereny; Asalah,

Asalah, the largest trade center in Kyr, where the majority of trade goods pass through.

Big Fish, an enormous sprawling city which serves as a hub for the fishing trade of most of the Eastern Coast and is also the home of all the major boat-building companies.

Mordash, the chief hub of commerce with the Islands across the Shimmering Ocean.

The Opal City, famous for its “free” spirit (or perhaps for its depravity, crime and rebellious nature.) Equalled only by Rasiaid for its diversity of races and professions.

The Trade cities and their principle trades are;-

Karim, Mining ; Khorsin, Fishing ; Luluk, River Trade ; Sunder, Farming & Mining ; Harkan-Adib, Farming ; Wondrous Majik, Sorcery ; Djar, River Trade ; Hopeless, Hunting ; Chain, Slave Trade

There are a great many small, isolated settlements scattered across Kyr. They are seldom mapped in any official journal with the exception of the infamous “Emperor’s Book” which is produced magically by the djinn on behalf of the Empress each year, to allow the collection of taxes and other tributes. The outlook and manner of a settlement can vary greatly where strangers are concerned.

The forbidden lands
In the far North lie the forbidden lands. None may pass, by decree of the first emperor. Death, and worse, is the penalty for any foolish enough to do so. This is the place of spirits, where the holy and the noble pass on their way to the Land of the Dead. A sacred place.

Shandalla Jungles
The lush Shandalla Jungles in the far South, where the climate begins to give way to vaste areas of hot fetid swampland beyond the border, are a place shrouded in mystery and folklore. Strange and wondrous animals make their home there. Little is known of this strange place, except perhaps by the people of Hopeless who hunt the lands for trade.

The Fetid Swamp
The Fetid swamp is rumoured to be larger than the Empire of Kyr and the Kingdom of Bereny combined. Thousands of square miles of torturous, ghastly, endless swampland. This forms a safe Southern border for Kyr since the only people who travel this way are Slavers, who use secret routes to transport slaves from the far jungles of the Frontier to Kyr..

Land of the giants
The giants are folk who, for the most part, do not enjoy the company of the small people. Their immense size and power makes them formidable enemies and they would very much like to spread their domination over the whole of the empire and beyond. They do not fear the small people nor their armies, but they are greatly afraid of the powers of the Djinn, many of whom serve the empire. It is for this reason alone they remain in their dusty home and fight amongst their own kind.

The Kingdom Of Bereny, sometimes a foe, sometimes an ally, presently the latter it seems, lies some 150 miles to the North-West along a dangerous and difficult pass. Travel to Bereny is relatively easy with the aid of Djinn, but only the Empress or her servants (and sometimes armies) can afford such luxury. For normal folk, it may take many months to cross the route and much danger lies in their path. Few make such a journey, for the people of Bereny are pale and wan, their lives lacking the sun’s hot touch and their ways foreign and strange. They bathe too much and dance too little, dress too heavy and marry too light. Their manner is cold and their lives are rigid. A strange land and a stranger people.

Berenians in Kyr
Since Kyr broke the shackles of the monstrous invaders known as the Jenna, and marched into Bereny to help them do the same (Berenians tell the story differently, uninformed as they are) the path was laid to allow trade to begin again between the two lands. Now, adventurers and traders from Bereny march regularly into Kyr and their people have become a slightly more common sight.