The Largest Turn-Based Fantasy Adventure Game In The World

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What Is It?

DungeonWorld is a character-based multiplayer
turn-based fantasy adventure game.

It is set in an epic world full of monsters,
mayhem, swords and sorcery.

About The Golden Coast

The Golden Coast is a new area of play in the
world’s largest turn-based adventure game, DungeonWorld.

On the farthest Eastern edge of the Known Continent,
beyond the jungles of the Frontier,
beyond the deserts of Kyr, there lies a vast forbidding ocean.

Only the most intrepid wanderers from any of the more populous Kingdoms
have ever travelled to this remote and mysterious land.

Running over a thousand miles from North to South
this land is known as the Golden Coast.
Following the winding lands’ edge it features the freeland area,
the wild coast itself and the initial
shallower areas of the ocean and its islands.

Although there is no formal government in The Golden Coast
(it is a wild and lawless region) some places are safer than others.

The Golden Coast introduces and expands on the games seafaring rules,
it's underwater rules and introduces a glut of
new monsters, skills and fabulous treasure.

About Characters

The Characters
The Seafolk are an alliance of humans and elves who control a few
safer settlements dotted along the coast. In the High Ridges the mysterious Ninja practice their martial skills and strange religion, aloof from all.
On the islands and upon the ocean itself bands of pirates use their seafaring
skills to prey on those who come too close to where they lurk.
Underwater squid-humanoids called the Zeld
live in submerged cities and follow a strange culture all their own.

Characters can be chosen from a limited available range.
Any of the Berenian human classes are allowed,
except Crusaders and Glacier Barbarians
(neither of which have made it as far as The Golden Coast.)
The only other Berenian classes which are allowed are Lesser Vampires.
Midnight Elves are allowed from the Frontier setting
and from Kyr the following classes are allowed:-
Escaped Slaves, Kyrian Warriors, Zoroastrians and Tourdalan.

The Golden Coast also has its own unique classes to choose from;
Male Human Ninja, Female Human Ninja, Male Human Pirate,
Female Human Pirate, Male Zeld, Female Zeld, DuZeld.
(There are three sexes in the Zeld race, all of which are required to procreate),
Male Human SeaFolk, Female Human SeaFolk, Male Sea Elf, Female Sea Elf.

These elusive and mysterious martial artists live in the High Ridges
and more remote areas of the Golden Coast.
Usually they are happy to be left alone, but there are some instances where
this is not the case. The most common is that the Ninja is on a
Life Journey, a part of their training which requires them to go
out into the world and experience camaraderie and combat. They may also be on a
mission, hired to complete a dark task.
This is because Ninja are specialised thieves and assassins
in some cases. Finally, the Ninja may be hunting Pirates.
Ninjas just hate Pirates. Hate them. Ninja use the
Monk skill set and have some skills of their own too.

In general Pirates have a bad name and sometimes this is deserved.
But Pirate communities can be quite large and not all Pirates actually practice traditional piracy, preying on the other races. Pirates do mix
with other communities and can be productive and valuable additions
to any venture. Or they might just steal everything and run.
Pirates will go out of their way to fight Ninja.
Something about those black pajamas bugs the hell out of a pirate.
Pirates use the Human Fighter skill set and have some skills of their own too.

These Squid Humanoids have a very alien culture and because
of this they have seldom mixed with the other races.
But slowly and surely they have begun to integrate,
showing that despite their horrific appearance they are not
actually evil. They are very literal and somewhat cold in their
manner, but they have still managed to form alliances
and friendships with humans and their allies.
Zeld only have access to generic skills. But they can grow pretty huge as they
get older - their bodies never stop growing until the day they die.

Human SeaFolk
These are just Humans who live by the sea.
They use the Human Rogue skill set and have some skills of their own too.
All Human SeaFolk begin the game with the skills Swimming, Sea Fishing and Sailing.

Sea Elves
This race of elves is able to live both above and under the waves.
For years they were the go-between for
Humans and Zeld, until the Zeld themselves came out of the water.
Unlike Berenian Elves, the males of this race are strong
and virile. They use the Elven Warrior Maiden skill set.

About Locations

There are three starting locations for characters in the Golden Coast module.
Each represents one of the larger settlements where some trade and relative safety can be found.

This Northern City is the closest to the South-Eastern border of Kyr. It is a prosperous place with much fishing, sailing and shipping trade from the nearby islands. It is run by the SeaFolk and SeaElves. Although evil Pirates are always nearby, they are not as serious a problem here as elsewhere.

This settlement squats like a bloated insect against the swamplands of the central belt. Famous for its slave trade and illicit business it is a low and dirty town. Anything can be had here, for the right money. Life is cheap and only as secure as can be dictated at the point of a blade.

The most Southern of the settlements, Karlistane is literally at the very bottom corner of the Known continent. Only Farewell Island is more remote and after that there is nothing but water forever - so they say. Karlistane is home of a number of scholars, intellectuals and philosophers. People say it is a place where truth can be found and enlightenment is within reach. It is also the site of more shipwrecks than anywhere else. A strange and haunted place.