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Commercial Kriegmund Position

The costs to play Commercial DungeonWorld are shown below.
All costs are in UK Pounds Stirling.
Madhouse UK handle players from everywhere
in the world (but in our own currency).

Setup In The Game - FREE
(Game setup includes the first turn FREE. )

Any payment sent with this startup will be
DOUBLED. This payment or its current balance
will be non-refundable but can be moved to
another new position in the game in future.

Each Turn (every two weeks)
£2.00 (for two characters)
+ £0.50p for each additional main character thereafter.
+ £0.10p for each additional sub character thereafter.

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(4) In order to protect generally interested players from time-wasters, and to make sure that people who sign-up understand that the Broken Lands is a complex game which will require the reading of a fairly sizeable rulebook, we need you to answer the following two questions, from the rules, to allow us to process your signup.

What is the order used to equip an item from backpack slot no. 3?

(5) And Finally...

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