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This form should only be used if you are starting up a Brand New FREEPLAY position.
If your freeplay character has died and you want to replace it then you should use the 'Add Characters' page by clicking HERE.

Before signing up for a Freeplay position please make sure that you have read the difference between Freeplay and Commercial play. If you have not, please do so now by clicking HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: Obviously it is technically possible for a person to try and get past the single-character limitation in Freeplay by opening multiple positions under different names. Should we think this is the case, your positions would be closed, you would be permanently banned from the game and we reserve the right to take legal action against you to recover the unpaid funds! You can, however, start multiplay freeplay accounts in other game modules (one per module.)

Before signing up you MUST read, understand and accept to be bound by our House Rules. This is a non-negotiable condition of participation. Our house rules can be read HERE.

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(2) Rules Questions
The following questions are taken from the Main DungeonWorld rules and are here to make sure that potential players have read the rules and understand what the game is about. If you do not answer both the following questions correctly your signup will be automatically deleted.

a. What Is The Formula Used To Determine Whether A Combat Attack hits or not?

b. Which land lies to the North-East of Bereny?

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Read the House Rules in your rulebook and then show you have done so with the selection box below!
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PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Before clicking this button please read our House Rules.
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